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Welcome to UpCycle Polymers

Serving North American injection molders, compounders, and extruders UpCycle Polymers buys and sells engineering and commodity grade plastic resin. With over 50 years combined experience, and thousands of industry contacts we pride ourselves on providing material solutions to our clientele. We supply prime material, high-quality regrinds, and with close working relationships to custom compounders have the resources to fulfill any material need.

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Materials UpCycle Buys and Sells:

Materials marked with an asterisk (*) are our core competency

  • Nylon 6 *
  • Nylon 66 *
  • ABS *
  • Poly- carbonate *
  • ASA
  • Acrylic
  • SAN
  • PBT

  • PPO & PPE *
  • PC/ABS *
  • PC/PBT *
  • PPO & PPE Alloys *
  • Nylon Alloys *
  • PC Alloys
  • Nylon 4/6, 6/10, 6/12, 11 & 12 *
  • PPS

  • PSU
  • PEI
  • PEEK
  • CAP
  • CAB
  • LCP
  • PPA
  • Polystyrene

  • Poly- propylene *
  • Polyethylene
  • TPE, TPO, TPU, & TPV *
  • TPC-ET
  • PVC

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